Quiz: Understanding IaC

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The following are the section quiz for Understanding IaC.

1. What does cloud agnostic mean?

  • A methodology to build and support your application on a single cloud provider.
  • A technology which is baked into a single public cloud and will only ever work with that particular cloud.
  • A group of cloud enthusiasts who do not care about a particular cloud technology.
  • When a technology is not bound to one cloud and can work in a similar fashion across other cloud environments.

Answer: Option D
Descripton: Simply put, Terraform doesn’t care what cloud or infrastructure deployment method you’re using. It works seamlessly with a long (and growing) list of cloud platforms.

2. What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

  • A method of writing human-readable code to deploy resources in the cloud and elsewhere.
  • A way to align all load balancers within a datacenter in the US.
  • A form of code that you write to recover from production outages.
  • A DevOps methodology for optimizing performance on Linux-based systems.

Answer: Option A
Descripton: IaC is basically code that deploys your infrastructure resources onto various platforms instead of managing them manually through a user interface.

3. What does Infrastructure as Code (IaC) enable organizations to do?

  • Enables DevOps managers to hire better engineers for their teams.
  • Provides organizations with a way to reduce the head count for DevOps departments.
  • Enables engineers to use the AWS Management Console as a graphical interface to deploy resources.
  • Enables better DevOps practices by tracking infrastructure code and deploying it in a repeatable, predictable manner. Answer: Option D
    Descripton: Infrastructure as Code is a great way to enable quick deployments and collaboration across teams.

4. When it comes to deploying infrastructure, which of the following languages is Terraform code written in?

  • A combination of JavaScript and Golang
  • Python3
  • HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL)
  • Golang (Go) Answer: Option C
    Descripton: Terraform uses its own language known as HashiCorp Configuration Language.