Introduction to Terraform

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This is Terraform Associate Certification prep course.

Courses, such as Getting Hands-on with AWS Systems Manager and Deploying to AWS with Terraform and Ansible.

My first encounter with it was due to a frustration with the deployment using AWS CloudFormation. Now don’t get me wrong, CloudFormation is an awesome tool, however, every tool has its downside. So in short, I stumbled across Terraform and loved how easy it was to get started with. The Terraform Associate certification although touted as a foundational level cert, has a bit more technical element to it than meets the eye, and therefore my recommendation would be to practice with it with your own hands, to become a believer in IAC or Infrastructure as Code. With this, I wish you best of luck in preparing for this certification and bid you an exciting and enlightening journey through this course.

Introduction to Terraform!

What is Terraform?

Terraform History