Variables and data types

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In this tutorial, we will explore variables and data types in JavaScript. We’ll learn how to declare variables, assign values to them, and understand the different data types available in JavaScript. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Declaring Variables

In JavaScript, we use the 'var', 'let', or 'const' keywords to declare variables. For now, let’s focus on the 'let' keyword, which is commonly used to declare variables that can be reassigned later.

To declare a variable, use the following syntax:

let variableName;

Here, 'variableName' can be any valid identifier you choose. It’s a good practice to use descriptive names for your variables.

Step 2: Assigning Values to Variables

After declaring a variable, you can assign a value to it using the assignment operator ('=').

let myVariable;
myVariable = 42;

In the example above, we declared a variable named 'myVariable' and assigned it the value of '42'.

Alternatively, you can declare and assign a value to a variable in a single line:

let myVariable = 42;