How to install Openstack CLI client on centos 7

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This blog shows you how to install Openstack client on centos 7, a command-line client to intract with OpenStack.


Following are the prerequisite for installing OpenStack command-line client.

  • Python 2.7
  • Python pip

Note: Python is by-default available on CentOS. For some reason, if Python and pip are not already installed, you must install Python and pip first, and then install OpenStack CLI.

yum install -y epel-release
yum install -y gcc openssl-devel python-pip python-wheel python-virtualenv python-virtualenvwrapper

Install OpenStack CLI

Following are installation steps for OpenStack command-line client in CentOS 7.6.1810 (Core)

Once python and pip are installed, you are ready to set up a virtual environment and install OpenStack CLI on the virtual environment.

$ pip install python-openstackclient

Check openstack client version

Below command will show you currently installed openstack command-line client

$ openstack --version

Upgrade openstack client

Below command will upgrade currently installed openstack command-line client version.

$ pip install --upgrade python-openstackclient

Uninstall openstack client

Below command will uninstall currently installed openstack command-line client.

$ pip uninstall python-openstackclient

Install and Manage OpenStack projects

Following syntex will help you in installing and managing OpenStack different projects.

$ pip install python-<project>client

List of OpenStack project with it’s name:

barbican - Key Manager Service API
ceilometer - Telemetry API
cinder - Block Storage API and extensions
cloudkitty - Rating service API
designate - DNS service API
fuel - Deployment service API
glance - Image service API
gnocchi - Telemetry API v3
heat - Orchestration API
keystone - Identity service API and extensions
magnum - Containers service API
manila - Shared file systems API
mistral - Workflow service API
monasca - Monitoring API
murano - Application catalog API
neutron - Networking API
nova - Compute API and extensions
sahara - Data Processing API
senlin - Clustering service API
swift - Object Storage API
trove - Database service API