Why is secret management important?

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Why is secret management is important? To understand that you need to understand imporatance of managing secret perticularly in the cloud. Vault is a solution which provides a ton of functionalities, and a plugable architecture that meeting the challanges of managing secrets across the verity of platforms.

Below are some of the challanges.

How are secret provisioned for new deployments?

You need to secure where to introduce or bootstrap a deployment with the secrets. How do you give an application to database access or AWS access token for making s3 calls.

How are these secrets protected?

Who has access to these secrets?

Are they hard-coded in your source reposity?

What is the level of effort involved?

How Vault can help?

Vault is tool that allows you to build out a secret management solution. On-demand secret generation.

  • Enables best practice patterns for cloud native applications.
  • facilitates key rotation.
  • Provides robust AuthN and AuthZ operational controls
  • Audit capability