Vault common use cases

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Its great to list the specs and functionality of any production, but it’s important to understand that what the hack you can do with the product.

So, below are some usecases that vault support.

General secrets management

Vault is used to Creation, Storage, Rolling, and Revocation of secrets.

On-demand dynamic secrets

You can ask vault to generate secrets for you. For example vault can generate AWS access key and secret key when and only when a script needs that. Dynamic secrets are more secure than static secrets, and they only exist when you need them.

Machine authentication

Vault generate machine authentication workfows using the app role feature. This is crusial for automating infrastructure and trying to bootstrap infrastructure with secrets.

API keys for scripts

Vault also supports generating API keys for scripts depending upon the service you want to connect to.

Data-in-transit encryption

Vault also support encrypting data in transit.

A public key infrastructure (PKI)

Vault also allows to build internal public key infrastructure solution. You can use vault as a internal CA for issuing certificate, and managing those certificates.