How to install Docker Toolbox on Windows

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There are many tools available for Docker. Docker-Toolbox and Docker-Desktop-for-Windows are 2 methods to install Docker tool on your Windows.

Docker Toolbox for Windows

Docker Toolbox provides a way to use Docker on Windows systems that do not meet minimal system requirements for the Docker Desktop for Windows app.

Docker Toolbox includes

Docker Toolbox includes the following Docker tools:

  • Docker CLI client for running Docker Engine to create images and containers
  • Docker Machine so you can run Docker Engine commands from Windows terminals
  • Docker Compose for running the docker-compose command
  • Kitematic, the Docker GUI
  • The Docker QuickStart shell preconfigured for a Docker command-line environment
  • Oracle VM VirtualBox


Following are installation steps for both Docker Toolbox, and Docker Desktop for Windows.

Docker Desktop for Windows installation

Docker Desktop for Windows is the Community Edition (CE) of Docker for Microsoft Windows. To download Docker Desktop for Windows, head to Docker Hub.

Installation of Docker Desktop for Windows is pretty simple. Following are the steps to download and install it.

  • Download the latest .exe file from - Docker Toolbox for Windows

  • Double-click on Docker Toolbox installer Installer.exe to run the installer. The installer launches the “Setup - Docker Toolbox” dialog.

If Windows security dialog prompts you to allow the program to make a change, choose Yes. The system displays the Setup - Docker Toolbox for Windows wizard.

  • Follow the install wizard to accept the license, authorize the installer, and proceed with the install.

  • Click Finish on the setup complete dialog to launch Docker.

Congratulations! You are up and running with Docker Toolbox on Windows.

Install Docker Desktop for Windows

Click here to install Docker Desktop for Mac.