How to install Docker Toolbox on Mac

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There are many tools available for Docker. Docker-Toolbox and Docker-Desktop-for-Mac are 2 methods to install Docker tool on your macOS.

Docker Toolbox

Docker toolbox installs Docker Machine and Virtualbox so you can run containers inside a Linux VM run by the Virtualbox hypervisor. The Virtualbox VM has a separate IP address so you have to tell the Docker command line tools to talk to the VM using the docker-machine env command. There is no GUI, just docker-machine commands.

Note: Docker Toolbox is a legacy desktop solution for older MacOS and Windows systems that do not meet the requirements of Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows.


Following are installation steps for both Docker Toolbox, and Docker Desktop for Mac.

Docker Toolbox installation on macOS

Docker Toolbox installs docker, docker-compose, and docker-machine in /usr/local/bin on your Mac. It also installs VirtualBox.

  • Download the latest version of Docker Toolbox, go to Toolbox Releases and download the latest .pkg file.

  • Double-click on the package or right-click and choose “Open” from the pop-up menu to install Docker Toolbox.

  • Press Continue to install the toolbox.

  • Press Continue to install the toolbox, and don’t change any of the defaults.

  • Press Install to perform the standard installation.

  • Press Install to perform the standard installation.

  • Provide your password to continue with the installation.

  • When it completes, the installer provides you with some shortcuts. You can ignore this for now and click Continue.

  • Then click Close to finish the installer.

Congratulations! You are up and running with Docker Toolbox for Mac.

Install Docker Desktop for Mac

Click here to install Docker Desktop for Mac.